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Genesis Season 7
Part 1 - Unleash Carnage

…Solomon Talbot is gone. The Kingpin of Crime has left Los Santos and returned to Liberty City, taking the majority of the Talbot Security Forces with him. Still reeling from his journey through the multiverse and tenuous alliance with Aluc Tepes, Solomon must deal with governmental threats to his corporation, the loss of his grip over the criminal underworld in Liberty City, and the potential destruction of his legacy.

A city once unified under the stark white banner of Solomon Talbot now teeters on the precipice of disaster. Territories once meticulously controlled spiral into disarray. Organizations held at bay from one another since the Night ended find themselves with no bulwark standing between each other and war. The city is ripe for the taking, and the criminals see untold opportunities unfurling before them.

Left to her own devices with limited forces, Rosalyn has appeared to focus on Talbot West’s legitimate interests, rather than her fathers vice like grip on the criminal underworld. Keeping herself in isolation since the departure of her father, whispers of her intentions have only originated from her closest advisors, Walter, Action and Hershel.

In Sandy Shores, the Lost stir with anticipation under the largely absent leadership of Johnny Killroy, their thirst for influence, drugs, and leather growing with each passing day. The small boundaries of their home turf in Sandy Shores straining to contain them.

In Rancho, to the southeast the Vagos breathe new life under the leadership of Justin Del Toro, Guillermo’s long time #2. Fighting at war at home to keep their own turf under increasing local disdain for their wars, beefs, and most of all fires, the Vagos struggle to find traction in this new world.

In the Grove, Niko Cavallo struggles against Chester Svedski for control of the Forum Drive Families, infighting, flights to other cities, and an obsession with Runeterra weakening them. Their meager territory positioned primely to expand throughout the city renders them the perfect target for an overthrow.

On Vespucci Beach, DeMartini Pharmaceuticals controls the legal, and illegal weed trade through the watchful lens of Dr. Ashley DeMartini. William Rowe, bearer of the Soul Eater stoically at his side, they look down upon the ravaging gangs of the city with disdain.

At Tequi-la-la hushed whispers fill the basement vip area, as The Provisional meet with their buyers and clients, planning to grow their already substantial power further. AJ and Chris reaching out to gain new allies, and repair old bridges.

High above the city at the Russian Embassy, Bratva, and Boris Gat look down upon the city as a flower prepared to bloom, under their iron fist of course, not Solomon Talbots. Many years the Bratva has waited in the shadows for Talbot’s grip to loosen, and now the opportunity has finally presented itself.

In the shadows, an unnamed and unknown broker whispers, building and destroying bridges between their competitors, and the organizations.

As every one of the organizations grow, plan, and apply pressure, a watchful eye sits behind a large wooden desk at Mission Row Police Department. Chief Odessa Rider, and her LSPD stand ready to protect the city, having ended the reign of terror from external threats during the Brink. The LSPD stands prepared to counter the criminals at every opportunity, bringing law, and order, back to Los Santos.

The fight for Los Santos begins in Part 1: Unleash Carnage. Improve your criminal rating, gain access to new and exciting crimes and encounters, and grow the power base and influence of your organization! The Carnage Story Season will be backed by in game features and systems; harkening back to the legendary City of Night season.

- Committing crimes will gain you Criminal Rating, which will grant you access to new and exciting things.

- Getting caught, snitching, or failing will damage your criminal rating.

- Everything your organization members do will increase the organizations overall influence, and gain you specific territory influence based on where it happens.

- The Territory System will finally debut, with the ability to gain, and hold control of various territories throughout Los Santos.

- If your organization can grow strong enough, it will transform from an organization, to a Faction, that other organizations can pledge their loyalty to.

… and so much more!