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Build 2934 (Current)


  • Adjusted XP rates so each Tier of activities gives the same base amount.

Build 2933

Skill Shops

  • Reworked LSPD, Pump Buddy and Criminal Hub skillshops.
  • Added tiers for level 10, 20 and 30 in each of the shops.
  • Added a great many skills to the Criminal Hub.
  • Fixed skill learning cost display bug, what it says in the shop should always be the amount of build points it costs.
  • Fixed pre-requisite skills not functioning in the shop, leading to people learning erratic order of things.
  • Decreased the cost to learn many skills.
  • Added floor markers for all shops.
  • Removed blips for whitelisted shops.
  • Changed LSPD shop from an organization shop, to a whitelisted shop based on police permissions.
  • Changed PDM shop from an organization shop, to a whitelisted shop based on police permissions.
  • Changed CrimHub from public, to a reverse whitelisted shop opposing police permissions.
  • Removed organization shops.


  • Eliminated Tier 1 & 2 Drug Missions
  • Added Sell Schwag and Sell Normie to the crime menu.
  • Wandering selling to NPCs throughout the world is back for the above two.
  • Wrote a new demand driven living economy for the drug ecosystem.

New Features

  • Added /respec command and granted everyone a free respec so they can progress skills in a more intended manner, rather than being gated into organizational skills.


  • Money Laundering base upped from $25k to $100k
  • Money Laundering max upped from $50k to $150k
  • Money Laundering now scales off the Fraud skill both in time taken to launder, and percentage of laundered money returned.
  • Experience curve on levels 1 - 10 significantly softened.
  • Experience gain for levels above 10 raised significantly. It should now take roughly the same amount of activities / jobs / tasks to gain a level, regardless of your level.
  • Added 3 new tracked stats for reward and achievement purposes.


March 9th 2019

Money Laundering - You can now launder money starting at the bank in Paleto Bay, then Pacific Standard.

RPGCore - Streamlined a number of functions to run on RPGCore rather than vRP and make the server much faster and more efficient.

Missing Items - ISA Annual 1, Pyro Vinyl and Swiper Vinyl now show up in your inventory properly.

Reporter Subjob - Foundations for Reporter subjob are in and will be active sometime this week.

New Housing - Foundations for new housing are in and will be active sometime this week.


The Great Hunt - March 3rd 2019

Hunting - Hunting is now in, you can pick up a hunting mission just south of Paleto Bay at the Bay View Lodge.

Banks & Stores - Animations at the Banks & Stores have been reworked to last the right amount of time and be a bit more accurate.

Fishing - Beaching a boat will stop you from fishing. - /anchor Command added to stop your boat from drifting. - Boat Rentals now last one hour.

Mechanic Jobs - These no longer get broken, and can be wiped every 10 minutes if something goes wrong or you crash out while having one.

Misc - Various other small QoL Updates to improve server performance