Genesis Rules

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  • IC - In Character
  • OOC - Out of Character
  • IG - In Game
  • Narnia - Falling through the world/phasing through objects
  • RDM - Random Death Match
    • The act of randomly killing someone without any initiation through Voice or Text roleplay
  • NVL - Not Valuing Life
  • ALS - When your timer runs out and you spawn at the hospital, this is an imaginary doctor team that fixes you up taking any illegals, weapons, and some money
  • ERP - Extreme RolePlay
  • NLR - New Life Rule
  • Nap - Relog

Community Rules

  • READ THE RULES. Not knowing the rules is not an excuse for breaking them. Claiming ignorance of rules will not cushion the blow of whatever the punishment admins are handing out to you.
  • Be Respectful. Hate speech, racism, and sexual harassment are strictly prohibited.
  • DO NOT harass community members Out of Character.
  • No Teabagging. This isn't Call of Duty.
  • You must be age 18+ to be a member of the Obliviverse community.
  • Know the difference between In Character(IC) beef and Out of Character(OOC) harassment.
  • You must be Member of Community Discord to maintain whitelisted status and your name must match this format Steam Name (Character Name). If we cannot find you in discord your server access will be pulled until you have joined the discord and/or updated your name.
  • No ERP(Erotic/Explicit Roleplay) on the server.
  • No Griefing - Such as targeting and killing the same person over and over, constantly spouting off about a person's character in an attempt to get others to not RP with them, so on and so forth.
  • You must use a microphone to Roleplay. Emotes are to be used for EMOTING, not SPEAKING!
  • Be aware there are streamers on the server and keep yourself within Twitch ToS at all times.
  • In that same vein, you cannot play music through your mic in the game without the express consent of everyone present, and everyone who arrives. We recommend against this in nearly all cases as it's usually loud, obnoxious, and a copyright strike for Twitch and YouTube streamers.
  • If you are using a voice changer it has to be subtle and non-obtrusive. Incredibly loud or distortionite voice changers will not be tolerated.
  • No Stream Sniping. Stream sniping is using information from someone’s stream for use in an Roleplay scenario, whether that be stalking their location or using information your character would not know otherwise.
  • Do not metagame. To Be Clear: Metagaming is the act of using information gained Out of Character (In discord, stream chats, when talking to friends on discord, etc) while in character, not the act of sharing information out of character. If you are not capable of keeping Out of Character and In Character information seperate, it is up to you to prevent yourself gaining the knowledge, not up to us to keep people from sharing things with you.
  • Do not powergame. To Be Clear: Powergaming is the act of forcing someone into a situation in which there is no counter play. You can not force someone to react a certain way, and every situation must have counterplay.
  • You must stay in character at all times. This is not negotible, flexible, or a guideline. You don't get to break character with your buddies just because you THINK no one is around. Someone probably is.
  • If you witness someone breaking a server rule, file a report. There is no reason to bring it up in character. Don't be a rules lawyer, this is breaking character.
  • Conduct yourself in a respectful manner in the discord. Use of discord to degrade, attack, or harass other members of the community will result in a ban. TO BE CLEAR: If you are unhappy with a person or how a scenario in game has gone, do not use discord in an attempt to dogpile other members of the community onto the person. Do not use discord to attack another person's RP. Do not use discord to attack the server. We welcome suggestions and criticism in regards to our servers, however make sure you are giving those things in a productive way.
  • Using our discord as a means to promote or recruit people to another server will result in a permanent ban from our servers.
  • Glitching/Hacking/Exploitation are all against the rules. This includes using game mechanics that are broken or a third party program to knowingly gain an advantage in any situation. Some of our servers are in active development. Bugs will happen. Things will break. We appreciate your patience as we make the server better than ever. Exploitation will not be tolerated and will result in a perm ban from our server.
  • Be welcoming! Not everyone is as experienced a roleplayer as you are, and we pride ourselves on helping people take their first steps into the RP community. Teach, don't ridicule.
  • Screaming over people and shutting down RP going around you, is powergaming. It's not roleplay, it's just obnoxious. This isn't a FPS Lobby.
  • We are not in the business telling you what you can, and cannot roleplay with four very specific exceptions: pregnancy, suicide, domestic violence and sexual assault are all strictly banned storylines of RP, each for their own just and obvious reaspons. People come here to get away from terrible bullshit, they don't come here to have it shoved in their face in a fantasy.
  • Be compassionate. We are a diverse group of players from varied backgrounds. Peoples gender identity, sexual preference, life experiences and past are varied throughout the community. Don't judge books by their covers and don't treat others in a way you would not want to be treated.
  • If you have a problem with our features or development direction, express this via suggestions and bug reports on the Forum. Not on the server, this breaking character and not ever acceptable. We're open to feedback and constructive criticism however "This sucks and I hate it" is not feedback.
  • Bear in mind that the Obliviverse Servers are provided as an at-will service, you are not entitled to access. Access to our services can be restricted or removed by the administrative team at their discretion. We don't owe you an explanation.
  • Relationship RP is something many people enjoy, and we don't limit or stop you from participating in this. However, if your relationship results in OOC Drama, problems in DMs and off server coming onto the server, or results in a toxic atmosphere for other players due to your IC/OOC relationships, we will remove you from the community.
  • Your stream is yours, and you can say and do whatever you want on it. However we reserve the right to remove your access to our services, if we feel you are representing our brand and our services in a negative light due to your behavior.

General Rules

  • Unless on a server provided channel specifically for in-game communications you must ONLY use IN-GAME VOIP AT ALL TIMES. This is not negotiable, using OOC VOIP is metagaming, and cheating. There is no gray area on this whatsoever. When using server provided outside VOIP, you must ALSO speak IN-GAME. Speaking into your radio must be broadcast so people near you can also hear you.
  • Playing on this server is not about winning. It is about roleplay. Check your ‘I Win’ mentality at the door. Always consider the story possibilities. PD will not always win, and nor will criminals. Conflict can drive great story if you set aside your need to win. Remember that.
  • Do not abuse in game glitches or mechanics in any way. (I.E. Dragging someone into a car to fit more than what could usually fit into the car, using the sit emote to glitch past walls or barriers, etc) If you find a bug, report it in discord. - This server is in live development, bugs will happen. Things will break. We appreciate your patience as we make the server better than ever. Exploitation will not be tolerated and will result in a perm ban from our server.
  • RDM (Random DeathMatch) is never allowed. Conflict must be initiated verbally or through telephone text messages. Gunfire that does not injure or down a player is not considered RDM. Shooting at or around a player does not constitute RDM.
  • Never. Ever. Ever. Under any circumstance drop someone into water while they are handcuffed, zip tied or restrained.
  • Do not cop bait. TO BE CLEAR: Cop baiting is the act of consistently and constantly becoming a medical call or setting off heists with no intention of completing the crime simply to get the attention of the police or to disrupt their duties. When it comes to being a constant medical call you also become in violation of the NVL Rule. Keep this in mind.
  • You cannot assume the identity of a person by the sound of their voice. If they have altered their appearance or are wearing a mask, you cannot assume they are the same as their other personage. Not all of us are voice actors.
  • Though we embrace and allow supernatural RP, you cannot use supernatural RP to circumvent or break any other rules. Therefor omnipotence, omnipresence and telepathy are generally not considered to be acceptable.
  • You can be a member of multiple criminal organizations, however you can never interact or exchange money or services in *any way what so ever* with your other characters organizations. For instance, if you are in the Aztecas as one character, and the Families in another, you cannot buy or sell drugs from the Families as your Azteca, and vice versa.
  • You can never, ever, transfer assets, items, vehicles, or anything else between two of your characters for ANY REASON.

PvP Rules

  • PVP Initiation is classified as verbally or through text messages initiating your intention to kill a person. Initiation lasts through the duration of a scenario. If you initiate PVP against a person at the FiB Building, then chase them to Sandy Shores, then gun them down that is considered valid. If you initiate at the Garage, then three hours later see the same person and kill them, that is considered RDM. See? Easy Peasy.
  • If you are downed in PvP Combat you CANNOT RETURN TO THE SCENARIO until its conclusion. For instance, you and your friends are attempting to rob the Union Depository. You are downed by an officer and taken off scene to receive medical treatment. If your friends are held up in the Union Depository for 3 more hours, you can NEVER return.
  • If you are committing or responding to a major crime, there is an automatic assumption of initiation of PVP. Understand this. IT SHOULD BE ASSUMED at large crime scenes (Government Facilities, Large Banks, etc) that violence will happen. Exceptions to this situation is in the case of A) Snipers and B) Explosives. These should be made known to parties on scene.
  • No Combat logging. This includes logging out to avoid being chased when wanted, or within 10 minutes of committing any heist.
  • Do not change the physical appearance of your character drastically (I.E. Changing your characters face) in order to escape justice when wanted by PD. TO BE CLEAR: you can change your hair, clothes, etc. Just not change physical characteristics that would be unrealistic to easily change in real life.
  • NVL (Not Valuing your Life)! If someone puts a gun to your head and makes a reasonable demand, comply! Don’t draw a pistol and attempt to gundown the gang of people with assault rifles! Just USE YOUR BRAIN on this! (However, don't use your gun as the automatic 'I Win' button and fall into the powergaming a person's life mentality.
  • Shooting someone with a sniper rifle from the hunting area is an automatic 24 hour ban. No questions asked.
  • Do not camp the entrance or exit of an interior or instance, or the exit of the prison.
  • Not speaking is not an option. You must communicate at all heists, and make your demands, thoughts and presence clear. This is a roleplay server, not GTAO.

Injury/ Medical Rules

  • NLR (New Life Rule) - If you are downed in a PvP Encounter you cannot remember who it was that downed you. (This includes what they were wearing, their gender, what they were driving, what they sound like, etc etc) If you are taken to the hospital (Respawn/Intensive Care) you cannot remember ANY of the events leading up to your intensive care.
  • You cannot call other peoples injuries. If you shot someone 30 times and they say they tripped and hurt their left foot, they hurt their left foot.
  • Be sure you are checking for pulse and roleplaying for injuries before bringing a person to their feet when they are down. Don't auto resuscitate when you arrive at a scene.
  • PD can not camp at the hospital in order to capture a criminal who has been downed upon respawn.
  • Use common sense with accidental deaths or injuries.
  • If you choose to go to ALS by pressing E, or no pulse to go to the hospital you must honor those injuries for at least 24 hours. If this is caused by an explosion, or during a crime, it must be at least 48 hours. In this time period you cannot commite *ANY CRIME*. This rule does not apply if you are downed at a holdouts.
  • Use common sense when RPing your injuries. (I.E. If you got hit over the head with a blunt object, you will probably be unconscious and should use emotes to communicate your injuries with police.)
  • Though we will not prevent you from speaking while knocked down, we do ask that you use discretion on this. Laying on the ground talking shit or being salty is not acceptable. Laying on the ground shouting out tactics, locations, or positioning of enemies is utterly unacceptable.

Fail RP

  • Driving a bike or motorcycle into any heist area is an automatic 24 hour ban. The locals in this area would call the moment you drove in, and it's absolutely unacceptable to think this is valid RP.
  • Attacking Mission Row PD or entering the Military Base outside of a specific event. These are well defended government institutions, Mission Row PD has 100s of officers inside it at any given time. It's the equivalent of attacking LAPD Headquarters.
  • Stealing local police cruisers, ambulances or fire trucks is explicitly FailRP. These would be guarded. This is an *automatic* 48 hour ban.