History of the Obliviverse (Abridged)

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This is a very abridged version of the history of the Obliviverse, the origin of the Deities, and of the Crystals as relayed by Kain Tepes to Vespura on 2019/6/12. This is a quick effort to condense 23 years of RP, storylines, and thousands and thousands of players into a few bullet points.

In the beginning.

In the time before time, there was nothingness. There was void.

And from that Void, was born It.

It wasn't God

It was just it.

It was an act of pure creation.

It was logic, creation, and existence given form.

And it created a bubble, in the infinite void.

And in that bubble, It created Oblivion.

And from the endless entropy It created the lands, the seas, the birds, the bees.

The very first race It created were the ancients, and It watched for countless millennia, as they grew and changed.

As they evolved, and learned to master the world around them, first via Fire, then via the Wheel, then via Technology, then finally via Magic, It grew increasingly mystified at it's creations.

Because It's creations weren't like it. It's creations felt things It did not comprehend.

It's creations loved, hated, lived, died, they felt jealousy and greed, war and peace.

All of these facets of reality were foreign to it.

It understood creation and destruction.

It didn't understand light or darkness. Hope or Fear.

... but it wanted to.

So it created a second bubble, a second world. This is the world we now call Rykric.

And in the core of Rykric, it created a massive focusing crystal that would allow It to commune with one of them.

It created a crystal capable of holding the enormous will that was It, and the endless and boundless power that it wielded, and also the core essence of an Ancient.

So it scoured the world of Oblivion. It scoured every inch, every centimeter. It had to find the one that burned the brightest.

But It didn't understand the things that it was seeking.

It didn't understand, when it chose Him that he burned so brightly, because he felt greed and lust and jealousy and hate.

It chose Aluc. Adviser to the Emperor of the Ancient Ascendancy, and Leader of the Rebellion. It didn't understand that He was responsible for genocide, for playing the entirety of ancient culture against each other. That He was a snake, and a whisperer, and a dark man.

It didn't know what it meant, to be leading a war on both sides.

So, It came to Him in his dreams, it spent weeks, months, luring him to the Portal to Rykric.

He came through, and He found his way to the crystal at the core of Rykric. He reached out, and laid his hand on it, and in that fateful moment everything changed.

The crystal was not right. It couldn't do what It wanted the crystal to do.

And in that moment Aluc and It were both drawn into the crystal, and the crystal shattered.

Aluc stood alone in the room, surrounded by the 33 Crystals formed of the shattering of the Focusing Crystal.

He held one single crystal in his hand, a crystal that pulsated with a sickening purple light.

And inside of him were the memories of It.

Aluc had ascended. Aluc had become the first Deity.

It was gone, but Aluc believed that he was It. He however, was not It, he was Aluc Tepes, Deity of Darkness.

What Aluc did not know, is that he had been followed. He had been followed by Shadrach, second in command of the Resistance.

And when Aluc left the chamber, Shadrach entered. He picked up a Crystal, mystified by the sight before him, and in that moment he ascended to become the second deity. The crystals, like all things, exist in balance. When you lay your hand on a crystal, whatever exists deepest inside of you, whatever makes you what you are, is what you shall become. That in combination with what existence needs.

So it was only logical that Shadrach would become Shadrach, Deity of Light.

And that is where history begins. That is E0Y1. The first year of the Ancient Era. The first year of the Ancient War.

Things went faster then. Aluc laid waste to the Ancient culture, and released the Darkness Wave which killed 99% of the ancients, and trapped the rest in giant, scaled beast forms to deprive them of their technology. He created the Dwarves and the Goblins while Shadrach created the Humans and the Elves.

Time passed, each of them taking members of their cadres to Rykric, Deities ascended left and right, and the Ancient War became the First Great War of the Gods.

The war was long, and hard, but Aluc won, and Shadrach was stricken down, which led to Lusine becoming Deity of Light.

Lusine and Aluc would have a tentative peace for thousands of years, until war started once more, over control of the Continent of Wynd.

Deep into the Second Great War of the Gods Lusine and Aluc met, to negotiate a peace. This month long meeting culminated not in peace, but in the conception of a son.

This son would become Kain Tepes, Trueborn.

Nearly 70 years later Kain Tepes would cast the forbidden spell given to him by Lusine. The purpose of the spell was to rid the world of Aluc's evil, forever.

But when he cast the spell, it had no effect.

(That they could see.)

In that battle, Kain was weakened, struck down by Aluc. Lusine was killed and Jubei became Deity of Light.

Medivh fired the Managun and split the continent of Wynd in three parts. Kain was lost for nearly 60 years.

But Peace reigned.

300 years later, Kain discovered the Portal to Scalleth.

Scalleth was a parallel world. A different world, a separate world, where Magic did not exist.

Scalleth was ruled by Ophidian Overlords who were capable of absorbing the magical energies of Oblivion, and of the Deities themselves.

When Kain told Aluc of this, Aluc felt Scalleth was a threat to Oblivion.

And thus the War between Oblivion and Scalleth began.

Oblivion launched a full scale invasion into Scalleth, and were repelled, over and over.

This war lasted nearly 500 years, and Scalleth was on the precipice of Victory.

It was then that the Deities discovered the outcome of Kain's Forbidden Spell.

The spell had created an infinite multiverse of worlds in which on each world, the spell had a different effect.

In Vortex (Earth-1) Aluc had never existed, and the world became Earth.

In Scalleth Aluc had never existed, nor had Magic, and the Ophidian overlords rose.

In Al'Haiz, the Deities had never existed, and mortals had absolute mastery over Magic.

In Los Santos (Earth-2), Aluc had never existed, and the world became Earth.

So on, and so forth, through an infinite Obliviverse of worlds.

Aluc saw a solution to the Scalleth problem.

He had every one of the 33 Deities lend him their power, and created a facsimile of the Darkness Wave called the Apocalypse Wave.

However Mococoa, Deity of Life refused to give his power to destroy a world.

Mococoa, Kain Tepes, and Domus Tepes stood against Aluc in this, but they could not stop him.

Aluc unleashed the Apocalypse Wave through the portal to Scalleth, destroying the planet itself. Only one continent was spared that Domus pulled through the void, into Oblivion. But little did Aluc know.

Medivh, Deity of Chaos and Chronarius, Deity of Time had sabotaged the Apocalypse Wave.

It folded in upon itself, and it's wrath was unleashed upon the Deities themselves and the world of Oblivion.

As it folded back, it Shattered the Deities Crystals and killed them.

Linvala Tepes, Deity of Death escaped by having her essence stored inside a mortal, and when El's Drinker manipulated Kirwen into rebuilding the Crystal of Death, Linvala was restored.

Domus was driven mad by the loss of life, and became a recluse in the Void.

Kain split himself into four parts, because he believed the world didn't need Deities and would later be reformed by the Dungeon Delvers.

Aluc was stripped of his power, and thrown through the multiverse by Domus & Kain before the above mentioned actions.

Mococoa was sealed away by Kain, before the above mentioned actions.

And all other Deities were killed, and their crystals shattered.

This event is known as The Godfall.

It took place 2,300 years ago.

250 years ago Linvala's crystal was reassembled, and Kain was put back together by the Dungeon Delvers.

Then Merrick an'Akosh ascended, followed by Zifira, Deity of Magic.

These events were controlled by the mysterious figure Gnarlee whom know one knows the origin, or true nature of.

Only that Gnarlee has led to the reassembling of the crystals that have been used, and has handed out whole crystals he is somehow in possession of. There is no record of Gnarlee before the Godfall, and no one knows who, or what, he is.


In present day.

Gnarlee appeared in Los Santos.

Where he took Corren McRee, and Natasha Gat to Oblivion.

Who would ascend to become Deity of War and Deity of Light respectively.

He also would give Declan O'Brien El's Drinker.

250 years ago when Zifira, and Merrick ascended, they defeated a powerful Lich known as Necrovol.

Who was locked away in Ancient Prison Facility PX03 in The Void.

Who was later freed from his prison by Bek'talith in a bid to ascend from Voidling to Deity and conquer all of Reality.

He then arrived in Los Santos following City of Night and became one of the worlds greatest threats.

This is the very, very, very, very, very, very abridged version of the History of the Obliviverse and the Origin of the Crystals.