Timeline (Oblivion)

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4th Era

  • Year 4 - The Felii race emerges from the former Wood Elf nations, establishing contact with the Orcs of Gan'Tok
  • Year 3 - The Lacertillian race is first sighted building mud huts in the swamps of Highland
  • Year 1 - The Godfall event ends the 3rd age and ushers in the 4th age. The Deities are destroyed as a result of the Apocalypse Wave.
  • Year 0 - The 4th Era begins as the United Deities unleash the Apocalypse Wave against the world of Scalleth. It was sabotaged by Medivh and folded in upon itself, becoming the Godfall and killing nearly every Deity in existence, and leaving the rest devoid of powers.

3rd Era

2nd Era

1st Era


  • It created reality